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Agalinis heterophylla

Prairie false foxglove, Prairie agalinis, Prairie false-foxglove

Prairie False Foxglove (Agalinis heterophylla) is a flowering plant native to North America. Also known as Prairie Agalinis, this member of the Snapdragon family blooms from August to November with pink or purple spotted-throat flowers that attract bees and butterflies. A. heterophylla may either grow upright or sprawl, and will reach to between 2 and 3 feet tall. It can thrive in either dry or moist soils, and can be found along roadsides and in moist swales and prairies.


Zone_5Zone_10 5 to 10

Water_use_2Water_use_4 Low to High

Exposure_2Exposure_3 Part Sun to Full Sun

Height 2' 0" (0.6096 m)

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