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Abronia pogonantha

Mojave sand verbena

Mojave Sand Verbena (Abronia pogonantha) is a flowering plant native to the Mojave Desert and parts of the San Joaquin Valley of California and Nevada. Its stems can grow upright or slump over, reaching up to 1.5 feet long and covered in small, oval shaped silver-gray leaves. The clusters of many tiny pink or white flowers appear from mid spring to mid summer, and the winged fruit has a heart shaped form about half a centimeter in length. A. pogonantha can tolerate very dry areas, and is ideal for landscaping in hot, arid areas.


Zone_8Zone_10 8 to 10

Water_use_1Water_use_2 Very Low to Low

Exposure_3 Full Sun

Height 1' 0" (0.3048 m)

Width 6' 0" (1.8288 m)

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