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Abies magnifica

Californian red fir

California Red Fir (Abies magnifica) is a North American native fir. It grows in the mountains of Oregon and California, thriving in elevations between 4000 and 9500 feet and reaching up to 200 feet tall with a trunk diameter of over 6 feet. The bark of younger trees is smooth and gray, maturing to a rough and textured orange-red on older trees and earning it the Red Fir name. The cones emerge a yellow-green color, maturing to brown and growing between 3 and 8 inches long before releasing the seeds in fall.


Zone_5Zone_8 5 to 8

Water_use_3 Average

Exposure_3 Full Sun

Growth Rate Slow

Height 150' 0" (45.72 m)

Width 20' 8" (6.2992 m)

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