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Acer grandidentatum

Bigtooth Maple

The bigtooth maple is native to the American west and grows naturally in canyons, mountainous areas, and alongside streams at high elevations. Small for a maple, it is especially valued as an ornamental tree in dry or rocky climates because of its adaptability and dramatic fall color. The seeds that fall from the bigtooth maple are double and joined at the base, with a slightly pink color after they first come on. They fall to the ground when brown in the typical helicopter motion of all maple seeds.


Zone_3Zone_8 3 to 8

Water_use_2Water_use_3 Low to Average

Exposure_2Exposure_3 Part Sun to Full Sun

Growth Rate Slow

Height 30' 0" (9.144 m)

Width 0' 0" (0.0 m)

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