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Acacia albida

Apple-tree, Winterthorn, Ana-tree

Winterthorn (Acacia albida) is thorny tree native to Africa and the Middle East. It will grow between 16 and 60 feet tall with trunk diameter of 6 feet, and its tap root reaches deeply into the ground to help it tolerate drought. The leaves are produced during the dry season and shed during rains, and the bark and grey, developing fissures as it matures. Also known as Ana Tree and Apple-ring Acacia, A.albida is known for increasing the yield of crops that grow beneath it, andit seed pods are used a camel food in Nigeria.


Zone_9Zone_11 9 to 11

Water_use_1Water_use_4 Very Low to High

Exposure_3 Full Sun

Growth Rate Fast

Height 20' 0" (6.096 m)

Width 20' 0" (6.096 m)

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