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Albizia distachya

Plume Albizia

Plume Albizia (Albizia disachya) is a perennial tree shrub native to Australia. A member of the pea family, it is a tropical plant that grows with a bushy form, eventually maturing to an erect tree up to 30 feet tall. The leaves are deeply divided and fernlike, complementing the pale yellow, bottlebrush flowers that appear in spring. A. disachya grows best in full sun and well-drained, rich, dry soil. The showy flowers will attract birds, and it will spread quickly by seed, becoming invasive in some areas.


Zone_8Zone_10 8 to 10

Water_use_1Water_use_2 Very Low to Low

Exposure_2Exposure_3 Part Sun to Full Sun

Growth Rate Slow

Height 25' 0" (7.62 m)

Width 10' 0" (3.048 m)

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