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Acer heldreichii

Greek Maple

Greek Maple (Acer heldreichii) is a large deciduous tree. A member of the maple family, it will reach up to 50 feet tall, growing best in sun to partial shade and moderately moist, fertile soil. The trunk of A. heldreichii is smooth and straight, with grayish brown stems supporting heart-shaped, green leaves up to 6 inches long that turn yellow-gold in fall. Small, upright, yellow umbrels of flowers bloom from late spring to early summer, followed by small fruit that turn red when ripe. Greek Maple is a host plant for two Swallowtail caterpillars, and is native to Northern Turkey.


Zone_6Zone_8 6 to 8

Water_use_2 Low

Exposure_2Exposure_3 Part Sun to Full Sun

Growth Rate Moderate

Height 40' 0" (12.192 m)

Width 35' 0" (10.668 m)

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