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Zephyranthes atamasca

Atamasco lily, Rain lily

Atamasco Lily (Zephyranthes atamasca) is a small flowering perennial. Also known as Rain Lily, this US native grows in colonies, reaching from 8 to 15 inches tall and blooming with solitary white, funnel shaped flowers on leafless stalks. The leaves are thick and grass-like, forming in open clumps. It grows well in very wet soil, and can be found in coastal prairies and boggy forests, preferring acid soils rich in leaf matter. Because Z. amatasca blooms during the Easter season, it is often known as Easter Lily.


Zone_7Zone_9 7 to 9

Water_use_3Water_use_5 Average to Very High

Exposure_1Exposure_2 Full Shade to Part Sun

Height 1' 0" (0.3048 m)

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