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Agoseris heterophylla

Annual agoseris, Mountain dandelion

Annual Agoseris (Agoseris heterophylla) is an annual flowering plant. A member of the sunflower family, it is native to western North America and prefers dry areas such as grasslands, evergreen forests, and foothill woods. Also known as Mountain Dandelion, A. agoseris can be found at elevations over 6000 feet. The leaves grow in a clump at the base of the stem, forming a basal rosette, and the flowerhead is made up of radiating rows of slender yellow florets. The agoseris group of flowering plants can be found in both North and South America, including Patagonia and the Yukon Territory.


Zone_7Zone_10 7 to 10

Water_use_3Water_use_4 Average to High

Exposure_3 Full Sun

Height 8' 0" (2.4384 m)

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