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Agalinis skinneriana

Skinner's false foxglove

Skinner's False Foxglove (Agalinis skinneriana) is an annual flowering plant. It is a hemisparasitic plant, absorbing some of its nutrients from other plants while also still feeding from photosynthesis. A. skinneriana grows well in sandy dry soil and full sun, and can be found where the prairies and eastern forests meet. The small pink flowers appear in summer, alternating up stems that reach between 7 and 23 inches high, and the leaves are arranged opposite each other. Skinner's False Foxglove is generally considered rare and is currently synonymous with Gattinger's False Foxglove (Agalinis gattingeri).


Zone_1Zone_10 1 to 10

Water_use_2Water_use_3 Low to Average

Exposure_3 Full Sun

Height 2' 0" (0.6096 m)

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